3 Minute Record

"We learned more from a three minute record baby than we ever learned in school..." -from No Surrender by Bruce Springsteen

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 24 - 2015 Holiday Hangout Performances

Episode 23 - Austin Lucas

Episode 22 - Something Sketchy This Way Comes

Episode 21.5 - The Wilderness Performances

Episode 21 - The Wilderness

Episode 20.5 - Breakmouth Annie Performances

Episode 20 - Breakmouth Annie

2014 White Water Tavern Holiday Hangout Part 2

2014 White Water Tavern Holiday Hangout Part 1

Episode 18.5 - Three Merry Widows Performances

Episode 18 - Three Merry Widows

Episode 17 - Thomas Crone

Episode 16 - Fragile Porcelain Mice

Episode 15.5 - John Paul Keith Performances

Episode 15 - John Paul Keith

Episode 14.5 - Bruiser Queen Performances

Episode 14 - Bruiser Queen

Episode 13.5 - Jim Harper - Part2

Episode 13 - Jim Harper

Episode 12.5 - "Performance Only" version of our episode with Ben Nichols

Episode 12 - Ben Nichols

Episode 11.5 - "Performance Only" version of our episode with Cory Branan.

Episode 11 - Cory Branan

Episode 10.5 - "Performance Only" version of our episode with John Henry.

Episode 10 - John Henry

Episode 9.5 - "Performance Only" version of our episode with John Moreland and Chris Porter.

Episode 9 - John Moreland and Chris Porter

Episode 8.5 - Part 2 with Mike Heidorn

Episode 8 with Mike Heidorn.

Episode 7.5 "Performance Only" version of our podcast with Amy LaVere.

Episode 7 with Amy LaVere, Will Sexton, and Shawn Zorn. Recorded at The Stagger Inn... Again.

Episode 6 with Lizzie Weber

Episode 5.5 - "Performance Only" version of our episode with Chris Mills.

Episode 5 with Chris Mills

Episode 4 with Dana Anderson, Jesse Irwin, John Krane, and Dave Werner.

Episode 3 Part 2. More ramblings form Scott, Bart, and Jeff.

Episode 3 - Scott, Bart, and Jeff rambling on about all sorts of things.

Episode 2 with The Trophy Mules

Episode 1 with John Krane