3 Minute Record

"We learned more from a three minute record baby than we ever learned in school..." -from No Surrender by Bruce Springsteen

Scott Allen

A longtime music fan and record collector with a passion for the live experience. I remember more minutiae about the history of Rock 'n Roll than the average person should have the right to know. I'm equally delighted to stroke the keys and compose a story or chat up an artist about their music. Most all musical genres get my toe tapping, but jangle pop, roots rock, and singer/songwriter tunes usually catch my ear first.

Bart Darnell

Some would say I spend way too much time at shows. I would say I don't spend enough time at shows. Sometimes you can find me pushing faders and twisting knobs for bands at Stagger Inn. Infatuated with Lucero just a little bit and Chuck Ragan is my spirit animal. Really enjoy all types of music as well as whiskey, stouts, and Cardinals baseball. Natural habitat has become Off Broadway.

Jeff Fields

A professional apothecary with a penchant for audio engineering, craft beer and all things music. I'm just as likely to enjoy a Smithsonian Folkways compilation as a mathy, post-rock concept album. If it spins...I want it!

"Strings that pull, Strings that bend. This song and dance never ends."
Uncle Tupelo - "High Water"