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Rosanne Cash to sign memoir at Blueberry Hill

With her new compilation, the Essential Rosanne Cash out a couple of months ago in time for her birthday, Rosanne Cash plans to mix book tour stops with live performances the road this summer and fall including a stop in St. Louis. Cash will stop for a book signing at Blueberry Hill in University City to promote her book "Composed," originally released in hardcover by Viking last year, the paperback edition comes out August 1. If you're interested in finding more about the book read an excerpt from the book here. Watch a video of a 2010 interview with Cash from PBS here.

For her last studio album in 2009, The List, Cash finally found the time to record some of the songs her father jotted down for her in the early 1970s as classics she needed to know. The album genesis stemmed from that age-old generational discussion between parent and child, teacher and student or mentor and student when the older person learns that the younger person has not been exposed to certain necessary benchmarks. Therefore, the older person feels it necessary to educate the younger person to bring them up to speed. In this instance, Johnny Cash learned that his daughter Rosanne needed to know more about the history of country music and essential songs.

“When I was 18,” Cash explains, “I was on the road with my dad. One day, we were sitting in the tour bus, talking about songs, and he mentioned a song, and I said, "I don‟t know that one.‟ He mentioned another one, and I said, "I don‟t know that one, either.‟ Then he started to get alarmed, so he spent the rest of the day making a list on a legal pad, and at the top he put "100 Essential Country Songs.‟ And he handed it to me and he said, "This is your education." ”

The album, The List, won "Album of The Year" at the 2010 Americana Music Honors and Awards and was nominated for a GRAMMY in the "Best Americana Album" category.

Listen to a few streaming audio tracks contained on the compilation The Essential Rosanne Cash below

Rosanne Cash - Seven Year Ache from Seven Year Ache (1981)

Rosanne Cash - What We Really Want from Interiors (1990)

Rosanne Cash - Black Cadillac from Black Cadillac (2006)

Rosanne Cash with Bruce Springsteen - Sea Of Heartbreak from The List (2009)

Seven Year Ache - Live In Studio 1983

Tennessee Flat Top Box - Live from Johnny Cash Memorial Tribute 2003

Rosanne Cash, host of the 2010 5 Under 35 Celebration, Interviewed by Amanda Stern

RFT Music Showcase demonstrates strong St. Louis Music Scene

After moving their offices in the 1990's from the Shell Building downtown to the University City Loop the Riverfront Times also moved their celebration of the St. Louis music scene to Delmar. However, the venue changed last year back to the paper's old stomping grounds near Washington Avenue. Change is good as getting another vibrant part of town into the mix is better for the city. While both U-City and Wash Ave. have both had resurgences in the past 10-15 years, the St. Louis music scene has flourished under the current D.I.Y. work ethic of bands wanting to get their music heard yet staying realistic in the scope. Such is the nature of the music industry in the 2010's.

As someone with an eager ear to the local music scene, I was lucky enough to be contacted by Entertainment St. Louis to play the role of stage manager for the RFT Music Showcase and help facilitate the bands getting in an out of a venue on a busy Saturday night. Charged with running The Side Bar (1317 Washington Avenue) scheduled for a rock lineup I eagerly jumped at the chance to see some great local bands, make some more contacts around town, drink some beer and have some fun. Since I didn't get to jump around up and down Washington Ave., here's my recap from my night.

Opening the night at 7 p.m. The Conformists hit the stage with their angular indie/post punk rock. Formed over 10 years ago, the band, fronted by vocalist Mike Benker, played a performance art type set of songs to a small audience up front. About 15-20 people came to see the band as things hadn't quite hit yet at such an early hour of the evening. The quartet of singer, guitar, bass, and drums typically play small venues around town that cater to the indie rock contingent. The band had a dry wit on stage and the gig seemed almost like a rehearsal at times. The Conformists recorded their last couple of albums with the legendary producer/performer Steve Albini (Big Black, Shellac) and sponsored a Shellac date at the Collinsville VFW Hall a few years ago attended by all of the contributors here at 3 Minute Record. I bought a vinyl copy of their latest album so I'll try to work in a review soon.


By 8:15 when The Blind Eyes took the stage the bar was full and teeming to hear the band play songs from their new record "With A Bang, "which is scheduled for a Saturday, June 11 release party at Off Broadway. The trio played an upbeat set of their original power pop/rock songs gaining energy from the room. Riding high from the local acolades and buzz about their music, the band seems poised to take things to the next level, but that would likely mean less chances for St. Louis to see them live and more for other cities. Their set featured rich harmonies from vocalist/guitarist Seth Porter and bassist/vocalist Kevin Schneider and solid beats from drummer Matt Picker. I have a feeling their show this Saturday will be well attended and a lot of fun. A review of their new album is coming as soon as I receive my copy from the band.

Hailing from South City, LucaBrasi, a group of regulars from the scene forming about 4 years ago, took the stage right on time for their 9:30 slot. Even though the band had, by far, the most gear of any act at the bar all night, but with their years of experience the band took this in stride making things run smoothly logistically. Their mix of rock and hard rock was well received by their fans who came out, but unfortuately much of the audience for the Blind Eyes had moved on by this point. With two albums of original songs under their belt, this veteran quintet of vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keys provides a full rock sound with each member taking his place in the mix. Though I expected a harder sound going in, LucaBrasi quickly set me straight and I enjoyed the sound completely.

As the LucaBrasi set rolled on, the bar started to fill with a normal Saturday night Washington Ave. crowd. This typical patrons including local residents and bachelorette parties moved through in tight dresses, tanned orange skin and heels, mixing with music loving twenty something's typically used to hanging on the South side. As a sidenote, in between sets all night the house played rock/alternative hits from the 1990's like a radio station that might hit the dial in the next five years.

Next, St. Louis trio, Doom Town were on the schedule for the 10:45 slot at the Side Bar. The group, playing a style reminiscent of the early Minneapolis punk rock scene and even dishing out a cover of the Replacements classic "I Will Follow," gave a high energy set for the smallish audience of Cherokee Street regulars there to catch the performance. This is a D.I.Y. type group releasing music on cassette, booking shows and writing 'zines as part of a strong movement in South City to create their niche in the music scene. Ashley Hohman, on bass and vocals, was without Ben Smith so a member of the Humanoids filled in seamlessly.

The final act of the evening were the punk rock quartet, The Haddonfields. Running a little early at this point, the band went on a little before the schedule midnight playing their hearts out to adoring fans. Their label, I Hate Punk Rock Records, allows free downloads so check them out for yourself. Nearing the end of the set the band brought out a milk crate filled with cans of silly string prompting fans to throughly cover the band, the stage and themselves making for a funny and fitting end to the night.

With my shift over at approximately 12:30, I ended my evening meeting some new friends at LOLA to catch Fresh Air play their 1:15 a.m. slot to close the night. This sextet incorporates soul, funk and hip hop into an infectious groove that gets anybody shaking their ass. Built around a guitar player with soul that can solo effortlessly, a drummer that sings and lays down a great beat, and a horn section of sax and a trumpet player who stylizes, the band adds keys and percussion to fill out the sound. A good soul style bass guitar player would fill out the bottom, but a slap player would overwhelm and the vibe would get lost. Normally, not something I would have picked off a list I can unequivocally say that they made the night! I will make it a point to see these guys groove again very soon.

Overall, the evening at the Side Bar went quite smoothly as each of the five bands were helpful wanting to get in and out of the venue easily and in a timely fashion. A quick, yet manageable 30-minute turnaround eased the strain of getting bands on and off stage, but ran the schedule into the wee hours. These musicians like music more than most as they take the time to home their craft and get up and play for an audience. But they also like to see other bands perform and not get bogged down by a bad experience trying to play their music.

If Not For You - St. Louis Blows Out The Candles for Bob Dylan [Live Review]

Planned as a benefit for 88.1 KDHX to celebrate the songwriting of Bob Dylan Shot Of Love - a 70th Birthday Party and Tribute, succeeded triumphantly in giving the sold out Off Broadway audience a night to remember. Roy Kasten, host of Feel Like Going Home on KDHX, assembled a lineup of supremely talented St. Louis musicians to celebrate the songs of Rock 'n Roll's poet laureate. Allowing the bands to choose 5 songs each, Kasten whittled down the overlapping choices until each performer/group had their allotted songs.

From limited edition posters printed by artists Sleepy Kitty Arts that sold out before the evening was over to trivia questions leading to giveaways, St. Louis music fans were treated graciously by both KDHX volunteers and the Off Broadway staff.

The host of KDHX's Emotional Rescue, Cat Pick, served as the upbeat master of ceremonies for the evening while Scott Swartz, from local band Prairie Rehab, kept the evening moving smoothly in his role as stage manager. A rigid pre-planned schedule and quick gear change-overs in 15 minute gaps by the bands alleviated the crowd from becoming too restless.

The performers were the real highlights of this four-hour plus evening. Each of the twelve artists contributed at least one strong performance of their short 3 song sets. The evening began with the musicians presenting acoustic based sets and gradually becoming more electric, following Dylan's own career arc.

Cassie Morgan and The Lonely Pine opened the set with acoustic Dylan playing two songs from The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan - "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" and "Corrina, Corrina" and the slower, more acoustic Blonde On Blonde track, "4th Time Around."

Up next, The Skekses (Ellen Herget Lacie Mangles from Prairie Rehab* and Evan O'Neal from Pretty Little Empire) touched on three different Dylan eras in their set - folk singer, electric and early '70s rock star. Herget's vocals shined as their take on "Boots of Spanish Leather" stood out from the rest of their set as the power of "Highway 61 Revisited" lost a little something in the acoustic arena. Thought they still made the audience smile reproducing the toy whistle heard on the original. *(Thanks to Ellen's dad. Sorry for the glaring mistake. He obviously knows his daughter better than I do. =) - Ed.)

Armed with his acoustic guitar, folk singer Ryan Spearman made the most of his scheduled two songs. He brought the original Dylan sound out flawlessly as he performed versions of the classic '60s generation defining classic "The Times They Are-A Changing" and a chilling take on the deep track "Tomorrow Is A Long Time" from last year's The Witmark Demos:1962-1964 release.

Joe Stickley and Sean Canan brought their folk chops and heavy McGurk's gigging experience to bear with their take on The Basement Tapes outtake (and Byrds classic) "You Ain't Going Nowhere" and the Blood On The Tracks classic "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go."

Unfortunately, none of the evening's performers risked tackling longer Dylan numbers like "Desolation Row," but Rough Shop joked before their set that they would play the 11-minute "Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands" "We've got a half hour, right?" Choosing later Dylan material to perform, Rough Shop started off with the country twang of "Abandoned Love" from the Biograph box set and slowed down version of Mississippi from Love and Theft. However, their version of "Isis" from Desire energized the audience and featured the lead vocals of bassist Anne Tkach

Bringing their rich harmonies and years of playing experience to the stage, Cumberland Gap picked and strummed through their three songs. The group's rendition of "Wallflower" featured rich country harmonies the song always deserved. Professionally well done indeed.

The superb vocal delivery of Rebecca Ryan made the mini-set from The Sparrows enjoyable and soulful at once. A standard version of "Tangled Up In Blue" from Dylan's classic divorce record Blood On The Tracks started things off right, but a slower, bluesy version of "I Want You" oozed with sex as Ryan's voice killed and a sizzling electric guitar version of "Oxford Town" were even better. Even without a lot of rehearsal time the band put on a great set and luckily we'll be able to see more of them as singer Ryan is moving back from Chicago in the coming months.

The full-on rock of Magnolia Summer impressed with their take on "Positively 4th Street" and the lesser known "New Morning." But it was the hard-hitting attack reminiscent of the Live 1966 'Royal Albert Hall' Bootleg Series version of "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" that put the set over the top as they amended the last line singing, “I’m going back to South City, I do believe I’ve had enough!”

A jaw dropping performance by The Feed highlighted the middle of the show. Professional chops from the entire band and a mature rock/electric blues singing voice from vocalist/pianist/keyboardist Dave Grelle allowed the group to firmly nail their set of classic mid-'60s Dylan and the Blood on the Tracks classic "Simple Twist Of Fate." Leaving most of the evening's participants in the dust, the band's entire set was a top highlight to the evening leading to rave reviews from the audience immediately following their set. Plan to catch the band again soon as they will play Off Broadway again on June 24.

Opening with the deep catalog cut "Oh Sister," Pretty Little Empire kept the rock sound moving with some excellent guitar work. The reverb wash on "Its All Over Now, Baby Blue" gave the song its original etherial sound as recorded on Bringing It All Back Home without sounding overly derivative. The band changed gears fluidly reaching a slightly more country sound of the Nashville Skyline cut "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You."

Displaying no fear Karate Bikini let it all hang out picking three classic rock radio standards and didn't disappoint. Starting off with a somewhat shaky "Lay Lady Lay," they regrouped and brought the room back nicely with a strong, straightforward take on "Leopard-skin Pill Box Hat." Then, as the opening chords rang out as the room heard the song they'd waited for all night. Still considered by many critics as the greatest rock song ever, Karate Bikini perfectly executed their cover of "Like A Rolling Stone" that had the crowd singing, dancing and swaying along.

Ending with the most professional musicians of the event, Brothers Lazaroff shrugged off the classic '60s Dylan for parts of the songwriter's more contemporary catalog. Beginning with a slow, moving rendition of the overlooked modern Dylan classic "Most Of The Time" from Oh Mercy, they turned up the volume with a stunning rendition of "Cold Irons Bound" that echoed Dylan's mid-'60s sound that made their rhythm section shine. Taking the energy level higher, Brothers Lazaroff shimmied and shook while playing a barn-burning version of "Summer Days" from Love and Theft.

Brothers Lazaroff brought the remaining performers left in the house back to the stage to play a passionate version of "I Shall Be Released" in the style of The Last Waltz or the end of a Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. The band played as the other performers like Rebecca Ryan from The Sparrows and David Grelle from The Feed sang verses and other performers sang on the chorus. As a surprising upbeat ending, the band brought the house down as they ripped into "Rainy Day Women #12 and #35" giving out as many solos as possible and eliciting the crowd to sing-a-long with the oft-repeated line "everybody must get stoned."

Bob Dylan tribute KDHX benefit set list

* denotes strong performance

Cassie Morgan & The Lonely Pine
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
Corina, Corina
4th Time Around

The Skekses
Boots of Spanish Leather*
Billy 1
Highway 61 Revisited (short)

Ryan Spearman
The Times They Are-A Changing
Tomorrow Is A Long Time*

Joe Stickley & Sean Canan
Buckets of Rain
You Ain't Going Nowhere*
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go*

Rough Shop
Abandoned Love
Mississippi Isis*

Cumberland Gap
Love Minus Zero /No Limit

The Sparrows
Tangled Up In Blue
I Want You*
Oxford Town (electric)*

Magnolia Summer
Positively 4th Street*
New Morning
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues*

The Feed
Obviously 5 Believers*
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry*
Simple Twist of Fate*

Pretty Little Empire
Oh Sister
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue* (drummer singing -Reverb wash)
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You

Karate Bikini
Lay Lady Lay
Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat*
Like A Rolling Stone*

Brothers Lazaroff
Most Of The Time*
Cold Irons Bound*
Summer Days*

Grand Finale - all performers involved
I Shall Be Released
Rainy Day Women #12 & #35

Notable songs missing were "Blowing In The Wind", "Masters of War", "Mr. Tambourine Man", "Subterranean Homesick Blues", "Maggie's Farm", "Knocking On Heaven's Door", "Silvio" and the too aprapo Forever Young. However, all is easily forgiven when one looks at the breadth of Dylan's vast catalog. Two nights or even a weekend could have been planned and some songs still would not have made the lengthy set list. Still plenty of smiling faces left the venue last night knowing they saw an evening of great music from an increasingly strong St. Louis music scene. Here's hoping next time is a million dollar bash!

A short RSD report

Just chiming in with my Record Store Day purchases and a few impressions of the day. Let's start with the goodies:
Justin Townes Earle
- Move Over Mama b/w Racing In The Streets [7"]
Death Cab For Cutie - Live [7"]
The New Pornographers - Moves b/w A Drug Deal Of The Heart [7"]
Flogging Molly - Don't Shut 'em Down b/w Saints & Sinners (Acoustic) [7"]
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - Gotta Get That Feeling b/w Racing In The Street ('78) [10"]
Atmosphere - The Family Sign [LP, Clear Vinyl]
Mercy Rule - Providence [LP]
The Blasters - Over There [LP]
Patty Griffin - Downtown Church [CD]
Will Hoge - Again Somewhere Tomorrow [CD]
Glossary - Feral Fire [CD]
Son Volt - 6 String Belief [DVD]

Overall it was a great day with a lot of good finds. I was particularly excited about Jeff finding the Mercy Rule album at Apop and bringing it to my attention. Such a good record and it is really cool to have a copy on vinyl. The Blasters brings me one step closer to owning all of their original releases on vinyl. The Patty Griffin and Will Hoge discs were good used CD finds while waiting in line at Euclid. Euclid came through with having a copy of the Glossary disc, I've been meaning to pick it up since last year and it hasn't left my player since opening it. Got to see some great performances by John Doe and Jill Sobule, The Sights, The Bottle Rockets, and the legendary Skeletons. Let's not forget about the free brews at the various locations! Euclid had PBR, Apop had PBR and Fat Tire, and Vintage represented with some Schlafly. The highlight of the day was just getting to spend the day with such great friends. Thanks to Jeff, Scott, Scott, and Tom for the great day. Let's hope next year proves to be even better!

SEA NOW! Showcase at SXSW

Next Wednesday through Saturday music fans will inundate Austin, TX to see hundreds of bands play the South By Southwest Music Conference.  If you have a badge you're probably trying to map out your schedule for next week. While the scope of the event is a bit overwhelming, there are likely tough choices to make between which artists to see and if you can even get into some venues without spending half your time waiting in line. Please allow a suggestion... Check out the SEA NOW! showcase being presented by popantipop led by producer/mixer Michael Patterson whose credits include work with Beck, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, She Wants Revenge, Great Northern and The Social Network.  An independent label and production studio working together, the popantipop label is home to Dead Snares, The Hundred Days, Spleen United and The Morlocks.

Over 60 bands will take the stage at Annie's West in Austin in that four-day period to play a wide variety of music. Many of the bands are relative newcomers, but some have been around for a few years now.  There will be an acoustic set from Exene Cervenka (from the band X) playing music from her new album The Excitement Of Maybe on Bloodshot Records. See the poster above for bands and estimated start times. You will be able to hear some great live music and help a worthy cause at the same time.

Activities at the showcase benefit the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Established in 1977 by Paul Watson, the organization describes their purpose thusly -

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

Sea Shepherd uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately-balanced ocean ecosystems, Sea Shepherd works to ensure their survival for future generations.

The closeout party on Saturday night will feature WallpaperThe Hundred Days and Great Northern plus some special guests. Both The Hundred Days and Great Northern are scheduled to play sets a day or two earlier so you have multiple chances to catch their sets.

What: SEA NOW! presented by popantipop
Where: Annie's West, 706 W. 6th Street, Austin, TX
When: March 16, 17, 18 & 19, 2011
Why: Benefits the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (and its good music)
How: You have a SXSW badge don't you? Now GO!

Here's a couple of clips of Great Northern and The Hundred Days. These videos are a little older as both bands are recording new albums presently. Enjoy!

Great Northern - "Story"

The Hundred Days - "Out Of Nowhere"

Local comedians to invade Alton on 2-10-11

Anyone looking for a good laugh and an enjoyable night out on this Valentine's weekend should check out the "Fistful of Valentines" show this Saturday in Alton, IL. The show, which is being organized by Kathy Zeman, Brock Smith, and Ben Vogt, will take place at The Owl's Club in Alton, IL. The club is located at 227 Blair Ave., doors open at 7:30 and the show kicks off at 8PM. There will be a $10 cover and a cash bar is available. The list of performers includes Joe Wilson, Amber Davidson, Mike Stranz, Greg McClintock, Joe "the Animal" Lancey, Mike McGuire, Nick Branson, Christopher Coburn, Landon Meyer, Theresa Masters, Bruce Veach, Frankie Chubb, Brock Smith, and a special musical performance from Super Fun Yeah Yeah Rocketship. Zeman and Vogt will be acting as MCs for the event. Talking to Vogt, this event will be much like the events that he and Zeman have hosted before at Spirits in Alton. Each comic will have around 7-8 minutes in which to take to the stage and practice their craft. This rapid fire succession makes for a fun night and really keeps the performers on top of their game. The experience of the performers ranges from seasoned veterans to a few first timers and all of the performers are from the St. Louis area. In fact, Joe Wilson, Amber Davidson, Greg McClintock, Christopher Coburn, and Brock Smith are all specifically from the Alton area.

These shows offer a great way for the audience to not only come out and have a laugh, but to also see comedians try out new material and evolve as performers. I think it is really great that the stand up community is able to come together and put on these independent comedy shows. It seems a no-brainer when bands approach clubs to put on DIY shows, and to see the comedy world venture into this territory is really exciting. Comedy clubs can definitely be fun, but are often on the expensive side and do not get to feature as much local talent as these shows get to do. Zeman has also organized shows at Quintessential in St. Charles, MO and McGuire has organized shows at Lemmon's in St. Louis and at Jacobsmeyer's in Granite City, IL.

This show also has some musical flavor added to it. According to a report in the RFT, this will be the last performance for Super Fun Yeah Yeah Rocketship. If you have ever seen Super Fun Yeah Yeah Rocketship (which is just one person, Corey Goodman) perform, you know that his sets are always extremely high energy and entertaining. According to the RFT article Goodman commented that "It's time to do something different." when asked about ending Super Fun. According to Vogt, the plan is to have Super Fun perform after every third-or-so comic and then close out the night with whatever he wants to do. I would expect nothing less than fantastic from this final set.

Attendance looks to be pretty good judging by the event's page on Facebook. In other words, if you are interested in attending this sure to be fun show try to talk to Ben, Brock, or Kathy to get your grimy little hands on some tickets ahead of time, or get your booties to the door early on the night of the show. See you there!