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The Old 97's tonight at The Pageant

Don't let tonight be Friday night without you...at The Pageant! The Old 97's return to St. Louis tonight to bring their brand of cow punk rock & roll back to The Pageant stage. Currently touring to support The Grand Theatre Volume One the band has returned to their classic 1990s sound with a decade of songwriting, experience and touring under their belt. Recently the band has been playing strong set lists of their classic material and the new record. Don't let this one pass you by!

During this leg of the tour Those Darlins are opening shows.

Here's a few videos to either convince you to come out and see the show or tide you over before you go out. The first couple are some promo interviews conducted by Professor Cindy Royal during the recording of their new album, The Grand Theatre Volume One, released last October. The next is a live acoustic version of "Champaign, Illinois", their authorized "lift" on the Bob Dylan classic "Desolation Row." Next up a live version of "Every Night Is Friday Night (Without You)" from the new album and finally ending with their raucous classic "Timebomb" from the 1997 release Too Far To Care.


Look for my review of the show tomorrow!