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Hell Yeah! Free Energy rocked out at the Firebird [Live Review for KDHX]

In case some of you have wondered the genre of classic rock is not dead among younger musicians. Insert a *fist pump*, a *high-five* and a \m/. Of course, this third generation seem to only get the highlights first, but the original era was about the depth and scope. Bands from the early '90s mixed the sounds of their favorite New Wave and College Rock bands into what they listened to from the '60s and '70s, however, now Pop seems to find its way into the equation as well. For Free EnergyDelicate Steve and Via Dove it's all different aspects of the genre both musically and visually that have influenced their music.

Here's a link to my review of the show Wednesday night for the KDHX blog. Check out some video below of the respective bands. Cheers!

Free Energy - "Bang Pop"

Free Energy - "Free Energy" official video

Delicate Steve - "Wondervisions"

Delicate Steve - "Butterfly" (official video)

Via Dove - El Mundo Latino - Preview

Via Dove - "Fast Times" - Live at Off Broadway

Little Feat - Old Rock House - 6/26/11 [Live Review for KDHX]

The baby boomers were out in full force last night to see legendary classic rock band, Little Feat perform at the Old Rock House. The beer (and sweat from the dancing) was flowing on this humid June night as the band played a two hour show full of old favorites and new tunes. My friend Tom and I were some of the youngest people there as we saw another band that featured heavily during our youth listening to KSHE 95. My review for the show can be found at the KDHX blog.


Fat Man In The Bathtub

Dixie Chicken (Live on Midnight Special)

Let It Roll (Live in St. Louis - 2003)

Seems a bit dated with the '80s production, but I would have enjoyed a live version of this one. Alas not last night, but maybe next time.. Texas Twister (Video)

Chris Mills w/ Magnolia Summer - Off Broadway - 6/23/11 [Live Review for KDHX]

Here at 3 Minute Record, we appreciate those that were able to make it out to see Chris Mills play last night at Off Broadway. We enjoyed raising a pint and seeing many old friends and commiserating with new ones alike.

Though we missed many of those that should have broken the chains of their self-imposed bunkers, the support of the St. Louis music scene continues to be amazing. Heaps of credit must be given to Magnolia Summer for being very cool and playing a tight, professional opening set.

You can read the official review of the evening at the KDHX blog. Please take the time to read writer/88.1 KDHX DJ extraordinaire Roy Kasten's interviewwith Chris Mills published yesterday by the Riverfront Times music blog, A to Z. Plus, if you're really feeling the need to read more - Blurt recently published a great review of the new Mills retrospective, Heavy Years: 2000-2010.

“Tonight there’s people falling in love all over the world/All over the world/And why for just one night/why can’t we be them/don’t you wanna be like them?” - from "Signal/Noise" by Chris Mills

While the small audience turnout (about 50 or so) is unfortunate, that doesn't mean the music the audience heard was anything less than superb. Why more St. Louis fans haven't embraced the music of this ex-patriot singer/songwriter leaves us flabbergasted. Attending college in Chicago and becoming part of that city’s music scene may bring up the Gateway City’s love/hate relationship with Illinois’ largest city, but Mills honest songs contain a gorgeous modern take on ‘60s pop and ‘70s singer/songwriter rock with a twinge of Americana and folk. From the creative perspective of “You Are My Favorite Song,” a jaunty ode professing love for a song rather than a lover to the jazzy pop feel of the Van Morrison-esque “Suicide Note,” Mills adds emotional lyrics to his songs demonstrating the mark of a true artist.

Thanks to Chris for a great night! Looking forward to hearing some new songs and pulling some deep cuts out next time (Calling loudly from the back of the room for "Funeral Date", "Chenoa", "This Is Not An Easy Thing" and "Fire For You") That invitation for a house concert still stands. Cheers!

Rounding the Bases for Home - The Baseball Project, Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 and Marah close out Twangfest [Live Review for KDHX]

Twangfest slid safely into the wet dirt around home plate Saturday night as The Baseball Project, Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 and Marah finished up the four-day festival celebrating Americana music hosted in St. Louis by 88.1 KDHX. First, read my full review of the night's festivities at The Duck Room last night on the KDHX blog.

So, I was standing at bar with fellow 3 Minute Record contributor Bart Darnell. I walk away & towards other side of the room to get a different view. Down the stairs from Blueberry Hill walks Mike Mills. I pull a 180 to follow & they stop right next to Bart. Mills stands there for twenty minutes or more just watching the opener Marah blending into the crowd with a black Tony Clifton (Thanks Rob Goeggel) t-shirt and Quad Cities River Bandits (St. Louis Cardinals minor league) hat on. We leave him be and give him room. That's how people roll in St. Louis.

Marah finishes their set and my other buddy Rob gets up the courage to shake his hand and say he's a big fan. Then, Bart starts talking about the hat and asks questions about Quad Cities. I ask if they did a show there and he confirms. He's nice and talks a bit more and heads to the bar for another beer. Later, during the set by Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3, Mills is off to stage right standing right next to another acquaintance of mine. I take this opportunity to go over and hang nearby. Wynn is burning the house down with his set, and I lean into Mills during a lull and say, "It's a good thing he's playing with you guys next." He deadpans, "Oh yeah? Why?" I reply, "Because he's killing it up there!" He gets a smile on his face and says, "You're right. He is."

That's all I said. I didn't mention anything about how I've loved R.E.M. for the past 25 years or something about their new album instead I gave a compliment to one his longtime friends on stage who was playing a killer set.

After that I talk to Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows, Minus 5, R.E.M. Live) and introduce myself and also talk about Wynn and then tell him I have a blog and ask him about an interview which he agrees (though emphasizes it would not be tonight) giving me contact info at the record label. After the show I chat with Linda Pitmon (drummer from Miracle 3 and Baseball Project) about the show, blog, interview and meeting baseball players. What a cool night!!

Other notes: Near the end of Wynn’s set, I moved closer to where Baseball Project singer/guitarist Scott McCaughey was standing asking him if Wynn & the Miracle 3 had been playing other dates on the Baseball Project tour. McCaughey advised this is the only date they had played together advising that Wynn had turned him down when McCaughey asked Wynn the Miracle 3 would play last. Wynn and company certainly set a high bar for the evening.

Heard: During the encore McCaughey hinted that Mike Mills had a solo album in the works to which the R.E.M. bassist did not deny, but rather deferred to not working on yet. Stay tuned.

Here's a minute and a half glimpse of what could have been if Craig Finn (The Hold Steady) had dropped in for "Don't Call Them Twinkies" like he did on the LP.

The Baseball Project - (Don't Go Back To) Rockville

Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - Amphetamine (Live)

Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - John Coltrane Stereo Blues (Live)

Marah - Valley Farm Song (Live)

Alejandro Escovedo at Old Rock House - 6/5/11 [Live Review for KDHX]

Alejandro Escovedo performing in Austin Texas,...

Alejandro Escovedo and the Sensitive Boys brought the heat back into the air conditioned space at the Old Rock House last night playing a sizzling set of 16 songs for an appreciative St. Louis audience.

Playing for nearly 2 hours, Escovedo left the crowd excited they saw a group of sharply dressed professional musicians demonstrate great skill with their instruments.

While I certainly would have appreciated the chance to see Mumford and Sons with the Low Anthem at The Pageant last night, the chance to see Escovedo at a small venue was too good to pass up.  Besides those Mumford and Sons tickets were snatched up so fast and the Escovedo show was over half the price for a guy with a solo catalog dating back to 1993. So far, it's one of the three best shows I've seen so far this year.

I covered the show for for 88.1 KDHX and my take on the festivities is located on the radio station's blog here. Take a look at the videos below to hear some of the tunes he played last night including a couple in a completely different setting.

"Always A Friend"

"Chelsea Hotel '78"


"Like A Hurricane" (Neil Young cover)

Jason Isbell & 400 Unit at Old Rock House - 5/31/11 [Live Review for KDHX]

Jason Isbell 111309 (44crbwf)

Steeped in various components of blues, rock, Rhythm & Blues, country, and soul, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit mix these styles into a Southern rock sound with a bit of pop.

Various St. Louis musicians came out to the Old Rock House to see the Alabama born songwriter's set last night including Jimmy Griffin, Cassie Morgan, John Henry, Bruce Klosterman (from Blood Pony and Franklin Felix) and Jeff Johnisee (from Franklin Felix).

See my review of last night's show on the 88.1 KDHX blog. See more photos from the show from photographer Kate McDaniel's Flickr set.

Alabama Pines - Live acoustic on WNRN radio

Outfit - Live in London

Heart on a String - Live from Florence, AL

Try - Live from Raleigh, NC (2007)

If Not For You - St. Louis Blows Out The Candles for Bob Dylan [Live Review]

Planned as a benefit for 88.1 KDHX to celebrate the songwriting of Bob Dylan Shot Of Love - a 70th Birthday Party and Tribute, succeeded triumphantly in giving the sold out Off Broadway audience a night to remember. Roy Kasten, host of Feel Like Going Home on KDHX, assembled a lineup of supremely talented St. Louis musicians to celebrate the songs of Rock 'n Roll's poet laureate. Allowing the bands to choose 5 songs each, Kasten whittled down the overlapping choices until each performer/group had their allotted songs.

From limited edition posters printed by artists Sleepy Kitty Arts that sold out before the evening was over to trivia questions leading to giveaways, St. Louis music fans were treated graciously by both KDHX volunteers and the Off Broadway staff.

The host of KDHX's Emotional Rescue, Cat Pick, served as the upbeat master of ceremonies for the evening while Scott Swartz, from local band Prairie Rehab, kept the evening moving smoothly in his role as stage manager. A rigid pre-planned schedule and quick gear change-overs in 15 minute gaps by the bands alleviated the crowd from becoming too restless.

The performers were the real highlights of this four-hour plus evening. Each of the twelve artists contributed at least one strong performance of their short 3 song sets. The evening began with the musicians presenting acoustic based sets and gradually becoming more electric, following Dylan's own career arc.

Cassie Morgan and The Lonely Pine opened the set with acoustic Dylan playing two songs from The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan - "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" and "Corrina, Corrina" and the slower, more acoustic Blonde On Blonde track, "4th Time Around."

Up next, The Skekses (Ellen Herget Lacie Mangles from Prairie Rehab* and Evan O'Neal from Pretty Little Empire) touched on three different Dylan eras in their set - folk singer, electric and early '70s rock star. Herget's vocals shined as their take on "Boots of Spanish Leather" stood out from the rest of their set as the power of "Highway 61 Revisited" lost a little something in the acoustic arena. Thought they still made the audience smile reproducing the toy whistle heard on the original. *(Thanks to Ellen's dad. Sorry for the glaring mistake. He obviously knows his daughter better than I do. =) - Ed.)

Armed with his acoustic guitar, folk singer Ryan Spearman made the most of his scheduled two songs. He brought the original Dylan sound out flawlessly as he performed versions of the classic '60s generation defining classic "The Times They Are-A Changing" and a chilling take on the deep track "Tomorrow Is A Long Time" from last year's The Witmark Demos:1962-1964 release.

Joe Stickley and Sean Canan brought their folk chops and heavy McGurk's gigging experience to bear with their take on The Basement Tapes outtake (and Byrds classic) "You Ain't Going Nowhere" and the Blood On The Tracks classic "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go."

Unfortunately, none of the evening's performers risked tackling longer Dylan numbers like "Desolation Row," but Rough Shop joked before their set that they would play the 11-minute "Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands" "We've got a half hour, right?" Choosing later Dylan material to perform, Rough Shop started off with the country twang of "Abandoned Love" from the Biograph box set and slowed down version of Mississippi from Love and Theft. However, their version of "Isis" from Desire energized the audience and featured the lead vocals of bassist Anne Tkach

Bringing their rich harmonies and years of playing experience to the stage, Cumberland Gap picked and strummed through their three songs. The group's rendition of "Wallflower" featured rich country harmonies the song always deserved. Professionally well done indeed.

The superb vocal delivery of Rebecca Ryan made the mini-set from The Sparrows enjoyable and soulful at once. A standard version of "Tangled Up In Blue" from Dylan's classic divorce record Blood On The Tracks started things off right, but a slower, bluesy version of "I Want You" oozed with sex as Ryan's voice killed and a sizzling electric guitar version of "Oxford Town" were even better. Even without a lot of rehearsal time the band put on a great set and luckily we'll be able to see more of them as singer Ryan is moving back from Chicago in the coming months.

The full-on rock of Magnolia Summer impressed with their take on "Positively 4th Street" and the lesser known "New Morning." But it was the hard-hitting attack reminiscent of the Live 1966 'Royal Albert Hall' Bootleg Series version of "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" that put the set over the top as they amended the last line singing, “I’m going back to South City, I do believe I’ve had enough!”

A jaw dropping performance by The Feed highlighted the middle of the show. Professional chops from the entire band and a mature rock/electric blues singing voice from vocalist/pianist/keyboardist Dave Grelle allowed the group to firmly nail their set of classic mid-'60s Dylan and the Blood on the Tracks classic "Simple Twist Of Fate." Leaving most of the evening's participants in the dust, the band's entire set was a top highlight to the evening leading to rave reviews from the audience immediately following their set. Plan to catch the band again soon as they will play Off Broadway again on June 24.

Opening with the deep catalog cut "Oh Sister," Pretty Little Empire kept the rock sound moving with some excellent guitar work. The reverb wash on "Its All Over Now, Baby Blue" gave the song its original etherial sound as recorded on Bringing It All Back Home without sounding overly derivative. The band changed gears fluidly reaching a slightly more country sound of the Nashville Skyline cut "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You."

Displaying no fear Karate Bikini let it all hang out picking three classic rock radio standards and didn't disappoint. Starting off with a somewhat shaky "Lay Lady Lay," they regrouped and brought the room back nicely with a strong, straightforward take on "Leopard-skin Pill Box Hat." Then, as the opening chords rang out as the room heard the song they'd waited for all night. Still considered by many critics as the greatest rock song ever, Karate Bikini perfectly executed their cover of "Like A Rolling Stone" that had the crowd singing, dancing and swaying along.

Ending with the most professional musicians of the event, Brothers Lazaroff shrugged off the classic '60s Dylan for parts of the songwriter's more contemporary catalog. Beginning with a slow, moving rendition of the overlooked modern Dylan classic "Most Of The Time" from Oh Mercy, they turned up the volume with a stunning rendition of "Cold Irons Bound" that echoed Dylan's mid-'60s sound that made their rhythm section shine. Taking the energy level higher, Brothers Lazaroff shimmied and shook while playing a barn-burning version of "Summer Days" from Love and Theft.

Brothers Lazaroff brought the remaining performers left in the house back to the stage to play a passionate version of "I Shall Be Released" in the style of The Last Waltz or the end of a Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. The band played as the other performers like Rebecca Ryan from The Sparrows and David Grelle from The Feed sang verses and other performers sang on the chorus. As a surprising upbeat ending, the band brought the house down as they ripped into "Rainy Day Women #12 and #35" giving out as many solos as possible and eliciting the crowd to sing-a-long with the oft-repeated line "everybody must get stoned."

Bob Dylan tribute KDHX benefit set list

* denotes strong performance

Cassie Morgan & The Lonely Pine
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
Corina, Corina
4th Time Around

The Skekses
Boots of Spanish Leather*
Billy 1
Highway 61 Revisited (short)

Ryan Spearman
The Times They Are-A Changing
Tomorrow Is A Long Time*

Joe Stickley & Sean Canan
Buckets of Rain
You Ain't Going Nowhere*
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go*

Rough Shop
Abandoned Love
Mississippi Isis*

Cumberland Gap
Love Minus Zero /No Limit

The Sparrows
Tangled Up In Blue
I Want You*
Oxford Town (electric)*

Magnolia Summer
Positively 4th Street*
New Morning
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues*

The Feed
Obviously 5 Believers*
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry*
Simple Twist of Fate*

Pretty Little Empire
Oh Sister
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue* (drummer singing -Reverb wash)
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You

Karate Bikini
Lay Lady Lay
Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat*
Like A Rolling Stone*

Brothers Lazaroff
Most Of The Time*
Cold Irons Bound*
Summer Days*

Grand Finale - all performers involved
I Shall Be Released
Rainy Day Women #12 & #35

Notable songs missing were "Blowing In The Wind", "Masters of War", "Mr. Tambourine Man", "Subterranean Homesick Blues", "Maggie's Farm", "Knocking On Heaven's Door", "Silvio" and the too aprapo Forever Young. However, all is easily forgiven when one looks at the breadth of Dylan's vast catalog. Two nights or even a weekend could have been planned and some songs still would not have made the lengthy set list. Still plenty of smiling faces left the venue last night knowing they saw an evening of great music from an increasingly strong St. Louis music scene. Here's hoping next time is a million dollar bash!

Jessica Lea Mayfield w/Nathaniel Rateliff - Off Broadway - 5/13/11 [Live Review for KDHX]

Friday night I had the fortunate opportunity to review the Jessica Lea Mayfield concert at Off Broadway. Exceeding my expectations by a considerable margin, the show was one of the better ones I have seen this year. Both Jessica Lea Mayfield and opener Nathaniel Rateliff are early in their careers with plenty of room to grow as artists and musicians, but their early work is worth checking out on merit of both quality and depth. See my review of the show posted this afternoon on the KDHX blog.

Jessica Lea Mayfield - Blue Skies Again (Live on KEXP from SXSW - March 2011)

Jessica Lea Mayfield - Our Hearts Are Wrong (Live on the Late Show with David Letterman - Feb 2011)

Jessica Lea Mayfield - Sometimes At Night (Live at Kent State Folk Festival - Nov 2010)

Nathaniel Rateliff - Shroud (Official Video)

Nathaniel Rateliff - I Am

Ted Leo – Off Broadway 5/8/11 [Live Review for KDHX]

Ted Leo took the stage last night at Off Broadway in a great mood and ready to bring his "A" game after openers, Title Tracks from Washington, D. C. and The Blind Eyes from St. Louis played blistering sets of power pop/punk rock goodness.  Leo played some surprising covers during his set that demonstrated some of his musical tastes and songs that shaped him during his formative years leading to his career in music. The KDHX blog published my review of the show this afternoon. I encourage you to also check out Roy Kasten's review of the gig in the Riverfront Times. A full set list for the show is available in both reviews to see what you missed if you didn't make it out last night.

Here are the covers that Leo decided to play plus one for fun for those of you who were at the show.

Eddie & The Hot Rods - "Do Anything You Wanna Do"

The Flower Of Sweet Strabane (Traditional) - Leo did an a capella version of this traditional Irish song last night. This was the best version I could find online on short notice and that should tell you something.

Much of the stage banter from mid-set on came back to Paul Stanley of Kiss and his famous banter between songs at live shows. Leo chastised the band for essentially writing "Cold Gin," a song about a drink that didn't exist. Leo admitted that he just finally allowed himself to listen to Kiss about 3 years ago. Leo is only a bit older than I am and I can't imagine my childhood without this iconic '70s self-aggrandizing, self-promoting, over-the-top, sellout band. Only Kiss could make me want to head to eBay to try to find someone selling their dolls or lunchbox. Here's a clip from a show recorded at San Francisco's Winterland in 1975.

Kiss - "Cold Gin"

The English Beat – Duck Room 3/24/11 [Live Review for KDHX]

Last night I got to check another band off the list and see one of my favorite '80s songs performed live when The English Beat hit the stage at Blueberry Hill's Duck Room. Here’s a link to my review of the concert on the KDHX blog. As always a big thanks to Roy Kasten at KDHX for allowing me to review great live music coming to St. Louis! Thanks to my friend Matt for tagging along. Glad you enjoyed the show.