3 Minute Record

"We learned more from a three minute record baby than we ever learned in school..." -from No Surrender by Bruce Springsteen

Rosanne Cash to sign memoir at Blueberry Hill

With her new compilation, the Essential Rosanne Cash out a couple of months ago in time for her birthday, Rosanne Cash plans to mix book tour stops with live performances the road this summer and fall including a stop in St. Louis. Cash will stop for a book signing at Blueberry Hill in University City to promote her book "Composed," originally released in hardcover by Viking last year, the paperback edition comes out August 1. If you're interested in finding more about the book read an excerpt from the book here. Watch a video of a 2010 interview with Cash from PBS here.

For her last studio album in 2009, The List, Cash finally found the time to record some of the songs her father jotted down for her in the early 1970s as classics she needed to know. The album genesis stemmed from that age-old generational discussion between parent and child, teacher and student or mentor and student when the older person learns that the younger person has not been exposed to certain necessary benchmarks. Therefore, the older person feels it necessary to educate the younger person to bring them up to speed. In this instance, Johnny Cash learned that his daughter Rosanne needed to know more about the history of country music and essential songs.

“When I was 18,” Cash explains, “I was on the road with my dad. One day, we were sitting in the tour bus, talking about songs, and he mentioned a song, and I said, "I don‟t know that one.‟ He mentioned another one, and I said, "I don‟t know that one, either.‟ Then he started to get alarmed, so he spent the rest of the day making a list on a legal pad, and at the top he put "100 Essential Country Songs.‟ And he handed it to me and he said, "This is your education." ”

The album, The List, won "Album of The Year" at the 2010 Americana Music Honors and Awards and was nominated for a GRAMMY in the "Best Americana Album" category.

Listen to a few streaming audio tracks contained on the compilation The Essential Rosanne Cash below

Rosanne Cash - Seven Year Ache from Seven Year Ache (1981)

Rosanne Cash - What We Really Want from Interiors (1990)

Rosanne Cash - Black Cadillac from Black Cadillac (2006)

Rosanne Cash with Bruce Springsteen - Sea Of Heartbreak from The List (2009)

Seven Year Ache - Live In Studio 1983

Tennessee Flat Top Box - Live from Johnny Cash Memorial Tribute 2003

Rosanne Cash, host of the 2010 5 Under 35 Celebration, Interviewed by Amanda Stern