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Chris Mills w/ Magnolia Summer - Off Broadway - 6/23/11 [Live Review for KDHX]

Here at 3 Minute Record, we appreciate those that were able to make it out to see Chris Mills play last night at Off Broadway. We enjoyed raising a pint and seeing many old friends and commiserating with new ones alike.

Though we missed many of those that should have broken the chains of their self-imposed bunkers, the support of the St. Louis music scene continues to be amazing. Heaps of credit must be given to Magnolia Summer for being very cool and playing a tight, professional opening set.

You can read the official review of the evening at the KDHX blog. Please take the time to read writer/88.1 KDHX DJ extraordinaire Roy Kasten's interviewwith Chris Mills published yesterday by the Riverfront Times music blog, A to Z. Plus, if you're really feeling the need to read more - Blurt recently published a great review of the new Mills retrospective, Heavy Years: 2000-2010.

“Tonight there’s people falling in love all over the world/All over the world/And why for just one night/why can’t we be them/don’t you wanna be like them?” - from "Signal/Noise" by Chris Mills

While the small audience turnout (about 50 or so) is unfortunate, that doesn't mean the music the audience heard was anything less than superb. Why more St. Louis fans haven't embraced the music of this ex-patriot singer/songwriter leaves us flabbergasted. Attending college in Chicago and becoming part of that city’s music scene may bring up the Gateway City’s love/hate relationship with Illinois’ largest city, but Mills honest songs contain a gorgeous modern take on ‘60s pop and ‘70s singer/songwriter rock with a twinge of Americana and folk. From the creative perspective of “You Are My Favorite Song,” a jaunty ode professing love for a song rather than a lover to the jazzy pop feel of the Van Morrison-esque “Suicide Note,” Mills adds emotional lyrics to his songs demonstrating the mark of a true artist.

Thanks to Chris for a great night! Looking forward to hearing some new songs and pulling some deep cuts out next time (Calling loudly from the back of the room for "Funeral Date", "Chenoa", "This Is Not An Easy Thing" and "Fire For You") That invitation for a house concert still stands. Cheers!