3 Minute Record

"We learned more from a three minute record baby than we ever learned in school..." -from No Surrender by Bruce Springsteen

Back from Vegas...

I promise to get a review of the Chuck Ragan/Lucero/Social Distortion show from Vegas this past weekend up as soon as I can, but need to get caught up with some homework that I neglected while on the trip. :) Today is my father's birthday and I just wanted to take a little time and interweb space to say happy birthday Pops! One of the reasons I have such a wide range of taste in music is definitely thanks to my father. My dad's record collection consists of what you would expect to find in the collection of someone from his time. The Beatles, the Stones, Dylan, Cash, Willie, Otis, tons of Motown... you get the idea. My dad was also into some New Wave stuff like the Police, Elvis Costello, and Talking Heads. And then there were the Springsteen albums. I remember when Springsteen came to town on the Born in the USA tour and my dad getting all excited to go see the Boss. Many moons later a longtime wish of getting to see Bruce and the E Street Band alongside my dad came true, and it was more amazing than I imagined.

I know I probably drove my parents crazy with all the money I have blown on records, concerts, and band merch in my 35 years of living so far. I think deep down my dad gets it though. He continues to surprise me by taking an interest in all the music that I currently  love. He didn't bat an eye when I suggested we go to Minneapolis to see the Bruce/REM/Fogerty/Bright Eyes show. Went to see the Revival Tour in Memphis one year and just met me this past December in Nashville to see Hayes Carll and the Old 97s. He fully supported me when I decided to go to Full Sail for my Recording Arts degree. And all of these wonderful memories related to music are rooted in listening to my dad's records on our old console stereo.

So, thank you Dad, for having amazing taste in music, a wonderful collection, and, above all, being the greatest father I could ever wish for. Happy Birthday!

I also think it's really cool that it is Warren Zevon's birthday. My dad is a big fan, so here's some Warren for ya, and of course, some Bruuuuuuuce...