3 Minute Record

"We learned more from a three minute record baby than we ever learned in school..." -from No Surrender by Bruce Springsteen

Woke up early...

Ugh, woke up way early this morning. I hate waking up before the alarm, it's just so wrong. You know what else I hate? I'll give you a hint, the new season kicks off tonight. Yup, that horrible piece of @#$% American Idol kicks back up tonight. Come on America! You still flock to this enormous piece of musical garbage? It's the most glorified karaoke competition in the world and probably the second biggest atrocity for the music industry in the last 15 years, right behind the mp3. I am happy to say that I have never sat through an entire episode of this stinking pile of manure. I realize that the people that make the final rounds have vocal talent and whatnot, but I guarantee you that if you got off your damn couch and went to any high school/college musical performance or head out to a club to see some local music, you would find equally if not more talented people. And those people may even actually be playing their own music. But what about the episodes where we get to laugh at the people that are horrible? Go to any local open mic night or karaoke bar. Trust me, you will see way worse. Plus, you will actually be out amongst new and interesting people. You may even make new friends while you bond over pointing out how terrible (or amazing) someone is. I guess I am just frustrated that all across America tonight hundreds of truly talented musicians, with more heart than any of these idol idiots, will perform their own music and be happy that 10 people show up. Meanwhile, millions of people will turn on their damn TVs to watch glorified karaoke singers sell their souls to become the next big thing only to hit the bargain bin six months later. A couple of quick posts here and then I'm out...

Lots of good stuff going on this weekend around the Lou... Friday night at Hurricane's in Collinsville you can catch Dibiase, Hope and Therapy, and Kill A Drifter... Saturday night at Off Broadway is the Blood Pony CD release party... Also on Saturday, The Goodtime Engineers are playing as part of the local showcase at The Pageant... Be sure to catch ant of these shows as all are great bands from the area. Sorry to all of my friends in these bands as I will not be able to make any of these shows, I will be in Vegas watching Chuck Ragan, Lucero, and Social D. I hope you all understand. :)

Next Tuesday offers a great chance to see some great local singer/songwriters at the Focal Point. Dana Anderson, Steve Chosich, Jesse Irwin, and Molly Simms are all scheduled to play from 7-10 PM for only $3. I cannot stress how awesome this night will be, don't miss it.

Hopefully I will be able to remember enough from the Social D show(s) to offer up a review when I get back. :)

Marshall Crenshaw and the Bottle Rockets tonight at Off Broadway... should be epic.

Last, and certainly not least... Happy Birthday Mom!!! Here's a little JT for ya on your day, love ya!